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Patrizia Anesa



Gotti, Maurizio / Anesa, Patrizia 2011. ‘Professional Identities in Italian Arbitral Awards: The Spread of Lawyers’ Language.’ In Bhatia,Vijay K. / Evangelisti Allori, Paola (eds). Discourse and Identity in the Professions. Bern: Peter Lang, 189-212.


Anesa, Patrizia 2010. ‘Spoken Interaction in Arbitration: An Analysis of Italian Arbitration Proceedings.’ In Bhatia, Vijay K. / Candlin, Christopher N. / Gotti, Maurizio (eds) The Discourses of Dispute Resolution. Bern: Peter Lang, 207-230


Anesa, Patrizia 2009. Is ‘good’ communication achievable in jury instructions? Applying communication theory to instances of instructions in jury trials. Language at work – Bridging Theory and Practice 5, 64-81.


Anesa, Patrizia 2007. Vagueness and precision in contracts: a close relationship. Linguistica e Filologia 24 Bergamo: University of Bergamo Press, 7-38.