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(ISSN 2532-2559)


Series Editor: Maurizio Gotti


Assistant Editors: Patrizia Anesa, Larissa D’Angelo


Information about the series

The CERLIS Series publishes research into languages for specific purposes with relevance to real world problems both on a synchronic and a diachronic level. Supported by CERLIS, the Research Centre on Specialised Languages, the series aims to promote specialist language studies, both in the fields of linguistic theory and applied linguistics, by publishing volumes that focus on specific aspects of language use in one or several languages and provide valuable insights into language and communication research.


The CERLIS Series is viewed not only as the relation between theory and practice, but also as the study of language and language-related problems in specific and specialized situations in which people use languages and learn professional practices. Within this framework the journal welcomes contributions in such areas of current enquiry as: bilingualism and multilingualism; computer-mediated communication; conversation analysis; corpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis; deaf linguistics; discourse analysis and pragmatics; first and additional language learning, teaching, and use; forensic linguistics; language assessment; language planning and policies; language for special purposes; lexicography; literacies; multimodal communication; rhetoric and stylistics; and translation.


Typology: International peer-reviewed volumes

Languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish


Scientific/Editorial Board:

Ulisse Belotti

Maria Vittoria Calvi

Luisa Chierichetti

Cécile Desoutter

Marina Dossena

Giovanni Garofalo

Davide Simone Giannoni

Dorothee Heller

Stefania Maci

Michele Sala



Volume 1:

Stefania M. Maci & Michele Sala (eds), 2012

Genre Variation in Academic Communication. Emerging Disciplinary Trends


Volume 2:

Ulisse Belotti, 2012

Dispute Resolution Narratives. A Linguistic Analysis of Arbitration Practice


Volume 3:

Luisa Chierichetti & Giovanni Garofalo (eds), 2013

Discurso profesional y lingüística de corpus. Perspectivas de investigaciòn


Volume 4:

Cécile Desoutter, Dorothee Heller & Michele Sala (eds), 2013

Corpora in specialized communication - Korpora in der Fachkommunikation - Les corpus dans la communication spécialisée


Volume 5:

Maurizio Gotti, Stefania Maci & Michele Sala (eds), 2015

The Language of Medicine: Science, Practice and Academia


Volume 6:

Chierichetti, Luisa / Mapelli, Giovanna (eds) 2015

Discurso médico. Reflexiones lingüísticas, històricas y lexicográficas


Volume 7:

Gabriella Carobbio & Alessandra Lombardi (eds.), 2018

La comunicazione orale nel turismo. Analisi di generi comunicativi in lingua tedesca