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Stefania M. Maci & Michele Sala (eds)


Genre Variation in Academic Communication. Emerging Disciplinary Trends


(ISSN 2532-2559 - ISBN: 978-88-89804-22-3)


This volume, the first of the CERLIS Series, investigates variation in scholarly communication from different analytical perspectives. Ranging from genre analysis to text linguistics, systemic functional grammar and multimodal approaches, its main purpose is that of providing insights into forms and modes of academic and scientific communication still little considered or as yet neglected in existing literature because of their relative novelty – due to changing practical and domain-related needs or cognitive expectations on the part of the audience – or their generic elusiveness – resulting from processes of multi-generic contaminations. On this basis, the volume discusses generic variation both in contrastive terms, by comparing and distinguishing contiguous genres, and, in analytical terms, by evidencing trends of variation and examining variation-sensitive elements in different textualizations of the same genre, and focusing especially on such variables as rhetorical strategy, writer stance, interpersonal engagement, and argumentation.






Stefania M. Maci / Michele Sala




Variation across genres and contexts


Donatella Malavasi

Research Articles in Business and Marketing: A Comparative Analysis of English Discussions and Italian Conclusioni


Alessandra Fazio

Academic Sports Science Discourse in Formal and Informal Texts: A Comparison


Cristina Mariotti

Genre Variation in Academic Spoken English: The Case of Lectures and Research Conference Presentations


David Banks

The Implications of Genre Related Choices in Early Issues of the Journal des Sçavans and the Philosophical Transactions



Variation within genres and communicative practices


Daniela Cesiri

Research Genres and Hybridisation: A Case Study from Research Articles in the Field of Cultural Heritage Studies


Chiara Degano

Texture Beyond the Text: Slides and Talk in Conference Presentations


Patrizia Ardizzone / Giulia A. Pennisi

Epistemic Modality Variation in Community Law Journals  


Claudia Agostini / Francesca Santulli

The Case against Homeopathy: A Study of the Rhetoric of Meta-Analysis


Lucia Abbamonte / Flavia Cavaliere

Book Chapters in Academia: Authorship in Methods (re-) Presentation and Conditional Reasoning


Vanda Polese / Stefania D’Avanzo

Hybridisation in EU Academic Discourse:the Representation of EU Social Actor(s)



Notes on contributors