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Ulisse Belotti



Dispute Resolution Narratives. A Linguistic Analysis of Arbitration Practice.


(ISSN 2532-2559 - ISBN 978-88-89804-23-0)


This volume, the second of the CERLIS series, explores some features of arbitration language in the Italian context. This research is based on a corpus of interviews to 14 arbitration practitioners, mainly arbitrators and advocates. The volume consists of two parts. The first deals with controversial aspects of arbitration procedures, such as ad-hoc, institutional and free arbitration, arbitration clauses, confidentiality, cost and duration. A final section examines the future of arbitration and the linguistic traits that make arbitration language similar to that of litigation. The second part investigates some linguistic traits of these narratives, such as the use of metaphors, linguistic borrowing and code-switching, evaluation as a means of establishing identity, and the inclusion of voices of ‘others’ in these accounts.