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Asian Arbitration Discourse:

International conference


University of Bergamo, Italy

18-19 September 2014



This conference is part of a project on Asian Arbitration Law which is being conducted at the University of Bergamo in collaboration with a team of the City University of Hong Kong (led by prof. Vijay Bhatia). Asian Arbitration is analysed both from a juridical point of view and in a linguistic-textual perspective. In particular, the project analyses the main norms, practices and documents used in arbitration in the Asian countries taken into consideration and compares them with the discursive practices employed in Italy and in other Western countries.


A plenary lecture will be delivered by Prof. Vijay Bhatia, President of Asia-Pacific LSP and Professional Communication Association 




Organising committee


- Mariacarla Giorgetti

- Maurizio Gotti

- Stefania M. Maci

- Michele Sala

- Ulisse Belotti

- Larissa D’Angelo

- Piera Pellegrinelli

- Patrizia Anesa



Conference Programme here



Book of abstracts here



Conference venue


The Conference will be hosted by the Department of Law and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Communication Studies at the University of Bergamo. The former is situated in the Lower Town, and the latter in the Upper Town (see maps below).





The conference will start on Thursday afternoon and end on Friday evening.





The conference room is equipped with OHP, microphone and video projector for Powerpoint presentations. There is no need to bring your own laptop, but your presentation should be fully Windows compatible.



Important Dates


Submission of abstracts

No later than 30th April 2014

Confirmation of participation

No later than 30th June 2014


Travel information


Bergamo is in Northern Italy, 50 Kms north-east of Milan, on the way to Lake Garda and Venice. Thanks to its international airport (sometimes advertised as ‘Milan-Orio al Serio’, or Milan-BGY), Bergamo can be reached by plane from many European cities; alternatively, participants may fly to Milan and take a train to Bergamo.


Getting to Bergamo

Stopover in Milan

Map of Bergamo – Upper Town (Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Communication Studies)

Map of Bergamo – Lower Town (Department of Law)




Accommodation and meals


Participants are invited to make their own accommodation arrangements. Both in the Lower Town and in the Upper Town various hotels are available, from relatively inexpensive to luxury: below you will find a list of possible contacts. Early booking is highly recommended, as Bergamo is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

As for meals, many restaurants and bars are located in the neighbourhood of the Conference venue.







Name and contact details




Upper Town


San Lorenzo (°)www.hotelsanlorenzobg.it/


GombitHotel (°), www.gombithotel.it


Il Gourmet (°)www.gourmet-bg.com/


Piazza Vecchia, www.hotelpiazzavecchia.it


Agnello d’Oro, Via Gombito 22

Tel. +39 035.249.883 / Fax. +39 035.235612


Sole (°), Via Rivola, 2 (Piazza Vecchia); tel. +39 035.218238;

fax +39 035.240011 [no check-in after 22.30] www.ilsolebergamo.com



Lower Town

City centre



Cappello d’Oro (°), www.bwhotelcappellodoro-bg.it


Excelsior S. Marco (°), www.hotelsanmarco.com


Jolly Hotel (°), www.jollyhotels.it


Mercure Bergamo (°),







San Giorgiowww.sangiorgioalbergo.it/


(°) = Hotels with special rates for conference participants. When booking, please remember to indicate “Asian Arbitration Conference. University of Bergamo”.



Bed & breakfast

(See also www.bed-and-breakfast.it - click the Region, ‘Lombardy’, and then the city, ‘Bergamo’).




Upper Town


La Castellana, www.lacastellanabb.com/

La Torretta, www.latorrettabergamoalta.com/

La Valletta, www.lavallettabergamo.it/

Villa Luna, www.bbvillaluna.it


Lower Town



L’Angolo del Poeta, www.angolodelpoeta.com



Budget accommodation is available at the local Youth Hostel

(www.ostellodibergamo.it/hostel.html ).

Further details about accommodation are online at www.apt.bergamo.it/



Submission of abstracts


The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2014. Please send your abstract (300 words) to patrizia.anesa@unibg.it as an RTF attachment.



How to contact us


By email: patrizia.anesa@unibg.it

By post: Patrizia Anesa – Università di Bergamo – Piazza Rosate 2 – 24129 Bergamo (Italy)

By telephone: + 39.035.2052.701 or + 39.035.2052.721

By fax: + 39.035.2052.738 or + 39.035.2052.789