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Gina Poncini   

Department of Economics, Business and Statistics

University of Milan

Via Conservatorio 7

20122 Milan, Italy

Tel. +39 02 503 21453



Gina Poncini is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics at the University of Milan. Her research and publications focus on discursive practices and the use of evaluation in written and spoken genres, business meetings, intercultural business communication, financial communication, and communication in the agro-food industries, in particular the wine industry. She is the author of the book Discursive Strategies in Multicultural Business Meetings (2004, 2007, Peter Lang, Linguistic Insights Series), awarded Distinguished Publication on Business Communication by the Association for Business Communication in 2005. Her work has appeared in volumes and journals, including International Review of Applied Linguistics, English for Specific Purposes, Business Communication Quarterly, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication and Journal of Intercultural Studies.