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Research Sources on Language and the Law in Italy and the EU

( compiled by Roberta Facchinetti and D.S. Giannoni )


Documents available on CD-ROM


- In English

- In Italian


In English

  1. 迿迾迾迾迾迾迾迾迿迿迿迾迾Resources on International Commercial Arbitration . The Hague : Kluwer Law International. A complete, continually-updated arbitration library, including legislation (up to 180 national laws), rules (up to 170 rules), awards (over 640 awards), case law (over 1200 court decisions), Arbitration Treaties, 16 conventions, commentary (1715 full text commentary articles), complete commentary on the New York Convention, and extensive bibliographies (over 3500 entries). The CD-ROM contains material from the most authoritative resources in the field, including:
    • International Council for Commercial Arbitration Yearbook (1976 through 1998). The key source for international commercial arbitration, this Yearbook collection covers some 20 years of reporting on trends and developments in the field;
    • International Council for Commercial Arbitration Handbook. The most comprehensive resource for national reports and translations of arbitration legislation. It covers virtually every country in the world with an involvement in international business;
    • Arbitration International. A complete set of volumes from the years 1985 to 1998, with the latest issues added at each update;
    • Journal of International Arbitration. A complete set of volumes (1984 to 1998) with the latest issues added at each update;
    • Revue de l’Arbitrage . Three recent volumes (1996-1998), back volumes (1986-1995) and the latest issues to be added at each update;
    • ICCA Congress Series, No. 3 ( New York 1986) and No. 8 ( Seoul 1996);
    • Select Bibliography compiled by the Documentation Center on Arbitration of the Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan (updated annually);
    • Bibliography of the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration.
  1. Decision Making in the European Union CD-ROM. MESPA Network of European Universities, University of Bath . Combining video and audio with animated graphics, it allows the user to explore the many procedures and politics that shape European Union policy-making. The CD-ROM provides over 20 hours of interactive learning to develop an insight and a guide to the European Union, its member states, institutions, and internal and external actors. Among its features are: an interactive case study on policy-making, video and audio interviews with EU officials, an interactive European map, a book-mark facility and on-screen demonstrations of how to use the World Wide Web for research.For further information and user support: http://www.bath.ac.uk/dacs/cdntl/solutions.html#dmeu
  2. EUROCAT. The Complete Catalogue of EC Publications & Documents. Co-published by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Chadwyck -Healey ( Cambridge ) and ELLIS Publications ( Maastricht ). EUROCAT provides access to the records of activities, policies and legislation of the European Union. It brings together over 900,000 records from four databases of the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities:
    • CATEL, the database used by the Office to produce its catalogues and to index the Official Journal;
    • ABEL, tables of contents of the Official Journal L series;
    • CELEX, the official database of European Union law;
    • SCAD, including records of actual legislation, preparatory acts, Commission;


Final Documents, European Parliament working papers and bibliographic records of publications distributed or published by the Office. The user can choose to enter search terms in any of the official languages except Greek. The records relating to the different language versions of each item are linked so that the user can switch between them. Updated quarterly in March, June, September, and December.


  1. European Competition Law CD. The Hague : Kluwer Law International. Contains European Community legislation and case law, state aid materials, single country reports with a full corpus of competition legislation as well as extensive commentaries on the rules in force. The CD-ROM covers:
    • Relevant Treaty articles
    • Legislation
    • Proposals for new legislation and relevant opinions
    • Decisions (including references to unpublished Decisions and Comfort Letters)
    • Merger Decisions (Phase I and II in original language and English translation)
    • Court Case Law
    • Notices and Notifications
    • Communications/Recommendations
    • Reports and Green Papers
    • State Aid Decisions, Approvals and Authorisations
    • Reports on Competition Policy
    • Competition Rules of Member States in full text
    • Press Releases
    • International Agreements
    • The information contained in this CD-ROM has been compiled from both official and unofficial sources of information to incorporate more country reports, commentaries and bibliographical listings.Updated quarterly by Ellis Publications ( Maastricht )
  1. ITLaw - Information Technology and the Law: an International Bibliography. Co-published by Kluwer Law International (The Hague) and the Istituto per la Documentazione Giuridica del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Florence) . A bibliographic database of legal informatics and computer law, providing access to over 40,000 bibliographical items from 1958-1997. It is equipped with a multilingual thesaurus of over 3,500 English terms specific to legal inliog迿迿迿迿aw. Designed for worldwide use, the thesaurus is translated into five languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The database is designed for legal practitioners and public servants interested in specific domains of legal informatics and computer law. Updated yearly.
  2. Kluwer Global Law. The Hague : Kluwer Law International. Kluwer Global Law Practice Systems is an Interactive Software for Drafting International Contracts; it inserts the information the researcher provides in the draft agreement, provides warnings and practice pointers as information is entered that triggers a potential risk or problem, attaches country-specific precautionary notes and detailed memoranda prepared by prominent law firms of 56 countries, explaining how an agreement must be further revised to be enforceable in each country.
  3. KnowEurope . Cambridge : Chadwyck -Healey. KnowEurope offers integrated access to a broad range of information about the European Union and the rest of Europe - institutions and organisations, policy initiatives and legislative activities, and the people and nations of Europe , news stories, proposals for legislation and contact details of EU officials. KnowEurope covers:
    • events and developments in EU institutions;
    • the development of EU legislation from proposal through consultation to adoption;
    • EU structures, institutions and processes, with access to key European reference sources;
    • facts and figures about individual EU member states, countries seeking admission and others in the wider Europe ;
    • officials and their responsibilities, including full contact details;
    • other European bodies, including international organisations working in Europe , trade and professional associations, pressure groups and think-tanks.



In Italian


  1. Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui . Libreria Torre (Gruppo Interuniv. Ricerca Inform. Roman.) . A body of information on ancient law, featuring three integrated archives:
    • Fontes : complete text of almost all Roman legal sources;
    • Opera: bibliography (covering the years 1950-1989) of books, essays and articles from journals concerning Roman and other ancient laws, a historical overview, full summary of the monographs, and abstracts of the articles;
    • Thesaurus: ca. 8.000 entries, covering the full range of the legal field.

        In Latin and Italian.


  1. BIG CD-ROM - Il Sole 24 Ore .Milan: 24 ORE SEME . Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy ’s leading business and financial daily newspaper. This disk contains the full text of all articles and news items published in the paper, with access to information on Italian business, finance, politics, and legislation. Devised for all those with a professional or educational interest in Italian life and commerce, it allows searches by market sector, subject, legislation, company, and individual.
  2. CD Juris Data: Giurisprudenza. Milan: Giuffrè Editore. It is a database of Italian Law drawn from the “ Repertorio annuale di Giustizia Civile ”, from 1979 onward, with over 564,000 laws involving the Constitution and civil, criminal, trial, administrative and fiscal law. The CD-ROM also includes a bibliography and references to the present legislation and legal system. Updated four-monthly.
  3. Codici e leggi d’Italia: testo vigente. Novara : De Agostini Giuridica.This contains the full text of the Italian Constitution, an archive with the full text of new, revised or abrogated laws since 1989, and the Codes currently used in Italian Courts:
    • Codice civile (Civil Code)
    • Codice di procedura civile (Civil Procedure Code)
    • Codice penale (Penal Code)
    • Codice di procedura penale (Penal Procedure Code)
    • Codice della navigazione (Navigation Code)
    • Codice penale militare di pace (Military Penal Code of Peace)
    • Codice penale di guerra (Military Penal Code )
    • Updated two-monthly
  4. I contratti. Principi, formule, procedure . IPSOA, Scuola d’Impresa . It contains a databank of legal documentation regarding national and international contracts. This covers national and EU contract laws along with regulations, normative sources and cases.
  5. Diritto Comunitario CD-ROM . Novara: De Agostini Giuridica. It contains the current Italian and European laws regarding EC Law, more specifically agreements, acts, common actions, codes of conduct, communications, advice, conventions, decisions, declarations, directives, restrictive practices, instructions, memoranda, opinions, programmes, protocols, approximation of laws, recommendations, regulations, reports, resolutions, letters, treaties, and records
  6. Il Diritto nel Cyberspazio . Brugaletta, Francesco and Landolfi, Francesco M. (eds.) (1999). Naples : Simone (book + floppy disk). It features links to sites dealing with laws and contracts (buying and renting houses); it also provides links to the web pages of e-journals on bank law and court decisions, and to seminars on IT law and methodology for computerised law held by Italian universities.
  7. Il processo penale: ipertesto di schemi, normativa e giurisprudenza. Milan : Giuffrè Editore . Interactive database of Italian criminal procedure, covering updated rules and regularions of the Penal Code and of the Penal Procedure Code; over 3,000 juridical norms; the text of 80 complementary rules, and the dispositions of unconstitutionality. Moreover, the database includes a set of forms for preliminary investigation and a multimedia glossary with diagrams, images, and specific legal and medical terms. Updated yearly.
  8. Internet per Giuristi, Brugaletta, Francesco (1999) 2nd ed. Naples : Simone (Book + CD-ROM) . A guide book to assist legal searches on the web. The CD-ROM features more than 600 links to law-related web sites, a mirror to the best Italian legal sites which can be surfed offline, and software needed to access Internet. It also includes a number of rules and decisions. For information:  http://www.simone.it/catalogo/v41_5.htm
  9. ITALEDI . Italedi Publishers. The full text of all Italian administrative laws from 1982 to 1998, including decisions by the plenary commission and the jurisdictional session of Council of State, opinions of the general assembly and of the consultive sessions of the Council of State, and sentences of the Constitutional Court relating to taxes and to public and fiscal law. For further information: http://www.giurisprudenza.it/index.htm . Updated yearly  
  10. ITALEX Multimedia . Focosi, Gabriele (1999), Vol. 1 . Gabriele Focosi Communications. Two CD-ROMS on law and informatics for law students and practitioners and for the general public. It contains links to websites that have received the “ Italex Award” as the best Internet sites on legal topics. It gives access to wide range of legal information (legal articles, laws, full texts dealing with codes of law). Software for legal studies and Internet software are also included. For further information: http://www.italex.com
  11. LEX (1861 - March 1998). Turin : UTET . The full text of all the laws in force in the Italian Republic (since 1861). Each law and decree is classified according to one or more subject entries and is linked to its amendments. Updated quarterly.
  12. Repertorio della giurisprudenza italiana (1981 – 1998) . UTET, Turin


  • Database covering documents divided into three separate archives:
  • Law: all the sentences published in the main legal journals after 1.1.1981;
  • Bibliography: bibliographic references on legal topics published after 1.1.1981;
  • Legislation: all legislation under the entry “Quarterly updating”.