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Research Sources on Language and the Law in Italy and the EU

(compiled by Roberta Facchinetti and D.S. Giannoni)


Online Data and Documents


- In English

- In Italian


In English


Authority for IT in the Public Administration

Recent legislation governing the use of computers in government departments.


Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union. From Aachen to Zollverein .

 Compact online guide to European institutions and policies. Author Rodney Leach is a financial strategist with Jardine Matheson. Its publication is sponsored by the Julian Hodge Bank, to help British people and businesses reach the right decision in the referendum that the government has promised about whether Britain should enter the Euro.


Country Commercial Guide: Italy

US Department of State. Good overview of laws and regulations affecting trade and business. 2004 edition.


Court of Justice and Court of First Instance

Texts relating to the Court of Justice of the European Community and to the Court of First Instance, Information concerning these bodies, recent case law, research and documentation, statistics, legal publications, and administrative information.


E-Commerce Law Links

An exentive list of international websites concerning the legislation and management of online commercial transactions.




The multilingual web service of the European Parliament covers:

  • access to documents of the European Parliament
  • overview of the European Parliament,  including its powers and responsibilities within the European Union;
  • members of the European Parliament,  with the official list of MEPs from all member countries;
  • EP News: a monthly magazine covering news and reports on the work of the European Parliament on issues of interest to the citizens of each member State of the Union.


General Information about Italy  

A general guide to the country’s institutional and cultural context, mostly from the Italian Embassy in Washington .


General Information about Italy

Links to relevant documents by Italian institutions. From the Italian Embassy in Tokyo.


Guide To European Legal Databases


An overview with a host of links, by Prof. M. Roznovschi of New York University School of Law.


Weiler’s Web. Internet-based European Union Legal Research

A web guide by Prof. J. Weiler of Harvard University Law School.


Introduction to the Law and Institutions of the European Union

Full-length student guide by Prof. J. Weiler of Harvard University Law School. Downloadable as RTF file.


Italian Competition Authority  

A presentation of the government’s antitrust body and its legislative activities.


Law and Economics in Italy


A study by Roberto Pardolesi (Luiss University, Rome) and Giuseppe Bellantuono (University of Trento).


Legislation Governing Elections to the European Parliament


Overview of electoral laws in force within each EU country. A working paper from the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Research.


LEXADIN: The World Law Guide


The legislation, law schools, courts, cases, intellectual property organizations, arbitration, lawfirm associations, and other legal organizations in a variety of languages from up to sixty countries, including Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, and USA.


Office for Official Publications of the EU, On-line access to European Law


Access to the following:

  • EURLEX: contains the complete L and C series of the Official Journal, as published, in all 11 EU languages, as well as information on EU legislation in force. It also includes links to other EU legal texts. The Official Journal is displayed free of charge for 45 days, after which it is available for a fee in Eudor and Celex or on CD-ROM.
  • EUDOR: a sophisticated delivery system with 9 million pages of official EU documents, including the Official Journal (L and C series), COM documents and consolidated EU law.
  • CELEX: comprehensive and authoritative information on EU law. It offers multilingual full-text coverage of a wide range of legal acts and provides access to the founding treaties, as well as to binding and non-binding legislation. Case law of the European Court of Justice is included. 
  • Interinstitutional style guide: e ach year, the various institutions of the European Union produce a growing amount of information made available to the general public. Since 1995, representatives from the various institutions have met to set down rules and conventions for a uniform publication style for all these institutions and in all the 11 EU working languages. The Interinstitutional style guide is the result of this ongoing work. Henceforth to be applied to any preparation of texts, it helps to avoid their repeated reworking and ensures that computing tools are put to their best use, so as to save time and lower costs in the production process. The Interinstitutional style guide is a rich source of general information and is now available on-line. It will be subject to regular revisions, thus providing the user with fully up-to-date information. 1998 — 163 pp. — Cat.: JY-02-96-367-EN-C — ISBN 92-78-14953-5 — Price: EUR 10. This publication is available on-line and in paper form in each of the 11 EU working languages.


Overview of the Sources of Italian Law


A fair amount of information and links regarding Italy’s legal framework is provided in this interesting student website.


Information Network on Education in Europe

The national descriptions cover the following aspects of this provision: its legislative framework; the kinds of schools involved; conditions for setting up schools; methods of financing; conditions regarding curricula; timetables and teaching methods; the status of qualifications awarded; and the appointment and status of teachers.


Relationships between the various tiers of government


An interesting paper by Leonardo Morlino, of the University of Florence.


State Audit in the European Union. Corte dei Conti. Italy

A presentation of Italy ’s state auditing authority compiled by the UK ’s National Audit Office. The same site has parallel text for all EU countries.


The European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBUL)


An organisation campaigning for the role of languages such as Italian within European authorities.


The European Union: A Guide to Selected Sources


Excellent bibliography of titles held at the Law Library of the London School of Economics.


UNIDROIT. Principles of International Commercial Contracts


The UNIDROIT Principles set forth general rules for international commercial contracts. The principles, published in a 1994 volume containing the relevant provisions and comment, are also available online. They are composed of a Preamble and 119 articles divided into seven chapters, namely “General Provisions” (Chapter 1); “Formation” (Chapter 2); “Validity” (Chapter 3); “Interpretation” (Chapter 4); “Content” (Chapter 5); “Performance” (Chapter 6) and “Non-Performance” (Chapter 7). Chapter 6 has two sections dealing with “Performance in General” and “Hardship” respectively, while Chapter 7 has four sections: “Non-Performance in General”, “Right to Performance”, “Termination”, and “Damages”. “Black-letter rules” are accompanied by detailed comments, including illustrations, which form an integral part of the Principles.

The full text of the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts exists in five official language versions - English, French, German, Italian and Spanish - as well as in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Russian, Slovak and Vietnamese.


Useful Information for Doing Business in Italy


A summary of legal requirements for foreign investors compiled by the Italian Embassy in Washington.





 In Italian


ANF–Associazione Nazionale Forense:
Includes the lawyer’s code, all the bulletins of the Association, and texts of laws, law proposals, Tax Line, Administrative justice, environmental laws, regional laws and links to law-related libraries, together with links to law-related Italian and foreign sites including Bundespresseamt, Le Ministere de la Justice, El Gobierno Informa, Ministerio de Justicia, Ministerio de Justicia del Peru, RMJN Servidor de WWW.


Consulta online
Includes material concerning the Italian legal system and context, including the Italian Constitution (in Italian, English, French and German), all the main normative sources of Italian constitutional justice ( http://www.giurcost.org/fonti/index.html ), Italian laws, referenda, and any document relating to the Italian Constitutional Court (http:// www.cortecostituzionale.it ) and to other Italian / International sites dealing with Constitutional courts.


Information on Italian law


A concise description of the main fields of law by partners De Falco Janssen. It has sections for:

  • corporate and commercial law
  • employment law
  • credit recovery
  • Italian international private law


Introduzione allo studio del diritto italiano


The best online overview of Italian law as a whole is provided by Erasmuslaw, an EU-funded programme for information on national legal systems within the European Union. The section on Italy is compiled by academics at Rome’s high-profile Luiss University. It covers the following subjects:

  • General and historical overview
  • Introduction to private law: obligation
  • Introduction to commercial law
  • Introduction to constitutional law
  • Introduction to administrative law
  • Introduction to criminal law
  • Glossary


Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche della documentazione giuridica (CNR)


The site features:

  • programmed search of documentation relating to Italian legislation, case law and legal authority;
  • databases of legal documents;
  • law bibliographies;
  • links to specialised libraries;
  • legal projects;
  • links to legal journals both online and offline.


Istituto per la Vigilianza sulle Assicurazioni Private e di Diritto Collettivo


Homepage of government watchdog on insurance companies, with overview of its activities and relevant legislation.


ITALEX network


Maintains regularly updated bookmarks to a number of web pages concerning Italian law, mainly referring to associations, online and offline journals, and institutional sites.


Italian Law Firm Directory
From the International Centre for Commercial Law.


Italian Law Libraries


Information and online catalogues.


Italian Ministry of Justice


The site has a growing number of documents and updates on most aspects of the judicial system.


Italian Official Publications on the Net:


From the Association of Italian Libraries, an up-to-date directory of Italian legislation available on-line. It is a list of services and documentation produced by public bodies. Specific attention is devoted to Italian legal information; the task of the list is to help librarians in retrieving Italian public information available on the net.


Ministero del Tesoro, del Bilancio e della Programmazione Economica


The site includes, among other things:

  • Italy ’s report on economic reform, expenses of different regions, contracts, bulletins, financing laws
  • Minister’s speeches
  • Public Debt (ENG)
  • EU law
  • Project Financing
  • Italy ’s report on economic Reform
  • Quarterly Bulletins