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Research Sources on Language and the Law in Italy and the EU

( compiled by Roberta Facchinetti and D.S. Giannoni )


Law-related Italian online journals


Diritto e ambiente


An e-journal with discussion and updates on Italy ’s environmental legislation.


Diritto & Diritti. Electronic Law Review


Excellent e-publication from Italian scholars with, among other things, a wealth of articles on the following subject areas:

  • administrative law
  • private law
  • law and IT
  • criminal law
  • tax law
  • school law
  • international law


Giust.it. Giustizia Amministrativa


An e-journal devoted to public law, with articles, press reviews, updates, links and much more.


Interlex . Diritto Tecnologia Informazione


An e-journal devoted to IT legislation.


Italian Labour Law e-Journal


A collection of articles in the field from the University of Bologna .


La Buvette. Giornale Telematico sul Parlamento Italiano


An electronic publication from the Italian Parliament, with updates on bills, new laws, current affairs, and so forth.


Obiter Dictum. Electronic Law Journal :


A student journal from the University of Trento .