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Research Sources on Language and the Law in Italy and the EU

(compiled by Roberta Facchinetti and D.S. Giannoni)


Legal Translation in the EU


Main sources of information:

Official web site of the European Translation Service

European Communities. 1999. A Multilingual Community at Work: The European Commission’s Translation Service. Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

Freelance translators and typists are given specific rules for standardisation, mostly concerning Text production - word-processing and spreadsheet programs - and sending and receiving documents electronically.

Translators may access a number of internal and external databases via the Commission’s internal network, he public data transmission network or the Internet. The most widely used of these are Eurodicautom (eurodic.ip.lu), a multilingual dictionary which covers all areas of the European Commission’s activity in the eleven official languages.

Freelance Bulletin


Since October 1998, the External Translation Unit has published a regular newsletter on various subjects of direct or indirect interest to freelances. It contains many Internet links.


The English Style Guide
A comprehensive manual about English writing in general and English texts about the European Union, compiled by and for the English units of the Commission’s Translation Service.

“Fight the Fog”. How to write clearly


Language Matters


A magazine produced by, and primarily for, the English-language translation community − both inside and outside the EU institutions.

Language libraries and documentation centres


There is a library and documentation centre for each language, in Brussels and Luxembourg , making 22 libraries in all. They contain a wide range of Community publications, dictionaries both general and specialised, glossaries from many sources, reference works, encyclopaedias and periodicals.


Terminology and standardisation links: